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A smaller FPL version of the OmniLight™ FPL, yet more powerful than IPL's costing two times (2X) more, the NovaLight has all of the features of the OmniLight, excluding the laser hand pieces. It delivers 50 J/cm2 in a 10 X 20 mm hand piece and 35 J/cm2 in a 30 X 30 mm hand piece. This 45 lb work-horse delivers significantly more energy than competitive systems. It includes epidermal cooling and a 500 m/sec adjustable pulse width as well.

Four Compelling Reasons to Purchase the NovaLight™ FPL

  • The most powerful 45 lb FPL performs the functions of eight lasers!
  • BtS™ (Better than Sapphire) "speed" cooling system for epidermal Pre Cooling Parallel and Post Cooling
  • Energy density adjustments in 1 J/cm2 increments independent of "pulse width"
  • Pulse width adjustable out to 500 miliseconds independent of "energy density"


Technical Specifications

Energy 50 J/cm2 in a 10 x 20 mm 35 J/cm2 in a 30 x 30 mm Adjustable by user in 1 J/cm2 increments
Pulse Duration

2 – 500 miliseconds adjustable independent of energy

Active Cooling Epidermal Sapphire Waveguide water cooled to 5 degrees C
Active Cooling Hair Reduction BtS™ (Better than Sapphire) speed cooling system at 4 degrees C
Weight 45 lbs
Foot Print 12" x 12" x 42"

480 (Filter) Performs the role of... Argon Laser without its maintenance issues
515 Performs the role of... Copper Vapor Laser
535 Performs the role of... KPT Laser & 532 mn Diode Laser
550 Performs the role of... 585 Pulse Dye Laser
580 Performs the role of... 585 Pulse Dye Laser
615 Performs the role of... Ruby alexasndrite 810 mn Diode & Nd:YAG Lasers

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