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American Medical Bio Care, Inc., is the exclusive marketer of fluorescent pulsed light (FPL) technology systems worldwide. The only exception is the Plasmalite®, which is still manufactured by the sister company, Medical Photo Bio Care AB out of Sweden. AMBC’s current product offering includes the Omnilight™ FPL, Novalight™ FPL™, Omnicool, and Plasmalite®.

AMBC’s products represent the latest advancements in intense pulsed light treatments. In addition, as of spring/summer 2005, one can add erbium lasers, long pulsed Nd:YAG lasers and KTP q-switched Nd:YAG lasers at 532 and 1064 nm to the same Omnilight™ platform.

AMBC has grown into a major international player in the pulsed light market. Headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. AMBC carries subsidiaries throughout Europe, Asia, and South and Latin America.

Morgan Gustavsson, the original inventor of Intense Pulsed Light, founded AMBC. Greatly expanding on the providing of topical skin care products, such as the first glycolic acid topicals, AMBC developed breakthrough photonics technology initially designed for the treatment of vascular lesions and structures containing melanin such as hair and brown spots.



The first Intense Pulsed Light device was exhibited in December, 1990, at an annual medical conference in Stockholm. However, the inventor was never fully satisfied by the light spectrum from a plain filtered flashlamp. To improve the light-tissue interaction properties, laser dyes, as known from flashlamp pump dye lasers, were added to modulate the light emission into the procedure-specific ideal spectrum. The first such machine, having a completely different light source, i.e. the laser dyes, was exhibited at the same medical conference in Stockholm the following year, December, 1991. This was a breakthrough technology for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, including removal of pigmented, unwanted hair.

Currently, all FPL systems, except the Plasmalite®, are manufactured in California. These include the Omnilight™ and Novalight™ FPL™. Only the original Plasmalite® is manufactured in Sweden.

One disadvantage with the florescent pulsed light was that at the time the laser dyes were hosted in a solution of highly flammable liquids, such as ethanol. This technology was refined in 1996 and was reintroduced mainly for the treatment of unwanted hair. This device was the first hybrid between direct flashlamp light and fluorescent light from an array of laser dyes. MBC had now, during five years, developed solid-state laser dyes. An array of laser dyes were now successfully hosted in an interpreting network of optically compatible and opto-mechanical resistant co-polymers. The technology has since been known as Florescent Pulsed Light (FPL®)

Since 1997, more than 1,500 FPL systems have been sold worldwide, which have been used to treat nearly one million patients.

This pioneering, still legendary device is known throughout Europe and Southeast Asia as the Plasmalite®. The successor of the Plasmalite® was developed for meeting the demands of all new medical treatment indications that at the time were seeing the light of day.

The Future

You can always expect the latest innovations from American Medical Bio Care, Inc. Our dedicated research and development team is constantly working on new applications to make AMBC's FLP products the most versatile, cost-effective systems on the market. Coupled with state-of-the-art accessories, AMBC's products are simply the best way to streamline your practice and increase revenue.

Patent Protection

Fluorescent technology was granted Swedish Patent No SE 465953 in April 2002, with the priority date April 9 1990. The published documentation includes the general principles for Intense Pulsed Light, with or without fluorescence, originally designed for treating structures containing melanin or hemoglobin. Another appreciated feature, vital for carrying out a device according to the patent, is the direct parallel contact cooling.

In June 1994, Morgan Gustavsson was issued US patent number 5,320,618 (“Device for treatment of undesired skin disfigurements”), a quintessential patent regarding the use of filtered flashlamp energy for the treatment of various skin conditions.

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