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There are a number of technical advantages that AMBC’s fluorescent pulsed light (FPL) offer overs all other systems.

  • The most powerful (2 times) as powerful as any other machine on the market
  • The shortest treatment times available
  • The largest spot size
  • Superior Spectrum
  • Best cooling

Fluorescence - A Unique Light Source

Patented fluorescent filter technology provides effective optical filter blocking of unwanted/harmful light (blue/green) compared to generic IPL systems. Blocked light is converted into longer, more useful wavelengths and re-emitted.

Florescent filters create more useable light.

A clear advantage in the form of much higher levels of treatment-specific bandwidth over traditional IPL systems is seen here. Where traditional IPL shows slight increases in bandwidth ranges useful for treatment, the OmniLight FPL filter generates definitive spikes in those same ranges as alexandrite and diode lasers (to simultaneously get the best of both IPLs and lasers). Also note the much more clean and efficient cutoff in the bandwidth range below the filter cut on of 615 nm. The traditional IPL filter "bleeds" spectra below the desired cut on level, using extra power and generating unwanted heat and side effects.

Targets both depth and chromophor. Simply change the flourescent filter.

The tissue has an optical window between 650 nm and 950 nm. FPL technology provides more light output in these effective ranges and precision control over bandwidth delivery with precision filter sets.

Lower bandwidth fluence rates drop drastically with treatment depth. Higher spectrum ranges maintain high fluence levels at larger dermis depths. FPL technology produces drastically more of the high-level light spectrum than traditional IPL technology. The result is faster, cooler, more effective treatment.

Advanced pulse forming technology available from MBC goes above and beyond standard pulse forming by using a tapered power curve that maintains optimum treatment temperatures. Notice the progressive temperature response of standard pulse forming rises above the ideal treatment temperature, overheating the dermis.

Standard pulse forming allows for quicker, more controlled light pulses than previous classic "heat, heat, cool" pulse forming technology. Standard pulse forming was the industry standard until now.

Effective and Safe
Advanced pulse forming with regressive peak power is the safest, most effective method of pulse energy delivery according to the “Extended Theory of Selective Photothermolysis” (Rox Anderson, et al).




Old Pulse Forming Technology

Older pulse forming technology utilizes high peak power pulses instead of even heating of the tissue. High peak power causes the tissue to overheat with subsequent side effects, such as burns and hyperpigmentation. This technology is referred to as "heat, heat burn." The “heat, heat, burn” technology originated from lamp life characteristics more than 10 years ago. These large fluctuations in heat make it difficult to keep the treatment area in the ideal temperature range and can result in overheating and inconsistent results.


Cooler to the Touch

Omnilight and other AMBC technologies are the only products on the market with a waveguide utilizing a large solid sapphire heat sink. The Omnilight heat sink maintains a tempurature of just above the freezing point (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Other cooling devices often cannot maintain temperatures below 10 degrees celcius (50 degrees Fahrenheit).

Most important, Omnilight and other AMBC devices have a separate cooling system for constant monitoring of the sapphire heat sink’s tempurature, thus providing even cooling from pulse to pulse.

Calibration Cards

All Xenon flash lamps in the industry are handmade and have different output. All Xenon lamps lose power over time. Therefore, IPL has been said to have inconsistent results. Our one-of-a-kind calibration card calibrates the machine for each individual lamp. This ensures that consistent output from lamp to lamp. A chip on the calibration card contains information that ensures all pulses during the lamp’s life are consistent with each other.

Other Technical Advantages

  • One hand piece does it all; multiple applications and skin types.
  • Interchangeable filters; no hand piece change during treatment
  • Optimized pulse energy delivery to tissue
  • Non-obstructed view of treatment area
  • Increased clinical efficacy
  • Treatments can be performed by a nurse or operator
  • Ease of use
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Standard mains socket
  • Fine tuneable fluence and pulse width
  • Highest fluence in the market "Up to 120 J/cm2"
  • Longest pulse width in the market "Up to 600 milliseconds"

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