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There are a number of clinical advantages that Fluorescent Pulsed Light (FPL) offers over other systems.

One Hand Piece for All Treatments

Targets both depth and chromophor. Simply change the flourescent filter.

Multiple Skin Types

Our FPL systems are FDA approved for use on all skin types - effective on light, dark, and everything in between.

Ease of Treatment

Our unique handpiece design offers an unobstructed view of the treatment area.

Minimized Side Effects

FPL technology minimizes damage to adjacent tissues while optimizing the therapeutic dose of light.

Superior Light Spectrum

FPL thechnology delivers superior spectrum of light, emulating the deep-penetrating peaks of Alexandrite and Diode Lasers.

Small Footprint

Four to five lasers occupy a large ground space within the operating room. The Omnilight™ and Novalight™ both occupy a fraction of the space (30 x 31 cm) for a fraction of the price.

True Mobility

The Omnilight™ and Novalight™ FPL systems can be easily moved from room to room, and from clinic to clinic as needed.

No Warm-Up Time

The Omnilight™ and Novalight™ FPL systems both require no warm-up time before use. Turn it on and it's ready to go.

Future Applications

Our systems can be upgraded to address future applications while other lasers and light sources must be replaced.

Lightweight Design

The Omnilight™ and Novalight™ FPL systems both feature an advanced lightweight design for comfortable daily usage and portability.

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