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There are a number of business advantages that Fluorescent Pulsed Light (FPL) systems offer over other technologies.

Make More Money

FPL systems provide a fast return of investment, allowing you to make more money with your practice - quickly, easily and more efficiently.

Fast Treatment

High repetition rate and optimised spot sizes allow treatment of large skin areas quickly and effectively, thus maximizing your revenue.

Investment Cost

One FPL system replaces an IPL machiene with 7 hand pieces typically
costing $120,000 or more.

One FPL system replaces 5 to 7 lasers at a cost of $80,000 - $120,000 each.

At only $49.900 AMBC's midrange Novalight system boasts superior specifications to all other IPL systems on the market.

At only $79,900, AMBC's premiere Omnilight sytem delivers twice the power if its nearest competitor at half the cost.

Maintenance Cost / Running Cost

The superior engineering and reliability of Omnilight and Novalight eliminates the need for expensive service contracts. Service contracts for an equivilent set of lasers costs an average of $50,000 a year.

The best consumable economy in the market.

Do More Procedures

Because the Omnilight™ and Novalight™ FPL are so easy to use, treatments can typically be performed by a nurse or operator.

One Handpiece Does It All

To do what our systems can do with just one handpiece, our competitors must use up to seven (7) handpieces, raising the initial costs associated.

Works in any Practice

Our systems utilize a standard mains socket, allowing any practice to benefit from the Omnilight™ or Novalight™ FPL.

With the smallest footprint in the industry, and true clinic to clinic mobility, you can practice virtually anywhere.

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