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Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin glands and hair follicles usually found in adolescents. Characterized by black- and whiteheads, pustules, and nodules, acne develops in the sebaceous glands and is most apparent in areas where these glands are most numerous – such as the face, neck, chest, back, and upper arms.

Normally, the sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum onto hair follicles, which is brought up to the surface of the skin along the hair shaft, or, in hairless areas, through ducts. In the case of acne, sebum clogs the pores and bacteria begins to develop, leading to the development of acne.

Targeting Acne

Using fluorescent pulsed light (FPL) technology, our systems treat acne by effectively targeting the source of acne problems. The secret to FPL technology is fluorescence, which allows our xenon lamps to pulse fluorescent light into the skin. The skin then absorbs the light of each pulse, allowing us to effectively treat the targeted skin area. The result is clearer skin with fewer side effects than similar intense pulsed light (IPL) systems.

Acne / Acne Scarring

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Patient Consultation

During an initial patient consultation you should discuss with your patient how the machine works, the costs involved with each desired treatment session, and the number of sessions needed. All aspects of the treatment should be discussed with your patient, including all risks and benefits. After listening to the patient's expectations, you should formulate a treatment regimen that both you and the patient are comfortable with.

Acne Scarring

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FPL Benefits

The benefits of using the Omnilight™ or Novalight™ FPL Pulsed Light Systems compared to alternative IPL systems include their increased effectiveness due to adjustable pulse width, and our advanced pulse forming and BTS™ (Better Than Sapphire) speed epidermal pre-cooling technologies – all designed to increase patient comfort and minimize side effects. The combination of advanced pulse forming and BTS speed epidermal pre-cooling gives our FPL systems the ability to easily treat all skin types.

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