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Everything You Need to Use and Maintain
Your Omnilight™ or Novalight™ FPL System

The following accessories and replacement parts enable you to use your Omnilight™ or Novalight™ FPL for years to come.

Xenon Flash Lamp

The secret to fluorescent pulsed light (FPL) technology is our patented xenon flash lamp. Individually hand made, our special xenon flash lamps provide optimum light spectrums prior to filtering. Furthermore, our unique calibration card compensation ensures that each lamp performs at its best until a replacement lamp is needed. And for each handpiece, a matching lamp provides the optimum performance for each clinical application. As a result, the Omnilight™ and Novalight™ FPL can be used to selectively target different chromophores and various depths in the dermis.

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Call AMBC at 800-676-1434 to order.   
Taking advantage of the optimum light spectrums given off by our xenon flash lamps, our special fluorescent filter technology provides optimal wavelength selectivity for the desired target tissue. Laser-dyed, our filters provide a precise selection of the desired wavelength, minimizing the effects of undesirable energies and achieving lesion-specific
optimization of spectral power distribution.


The handpiece consists of an enclosed optical system that emits the pulse of light through a special fluorescent filter and into the sapphire waveguide. Designed with usability in mind, the handpiece can be operated naturally and easily with only one hand. Filters and lamps can also be switched out effortlessly in just a few steps.

The handpiece is connected by an umbilical cord containing the wiring and tubing that carries water through the handpiece to assist in cooling.

Alternate handpieces are available. Call AMBC at 800-676-1434 to order.

Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear protects the eyes from the pulsed light emitted by the system. The eyewear must be worn by all persons present during a treatment with the OmniLight FPL Pulsed Light System. The physician and other staff members should wear eyewear with optical density of 3, while the patients should wear the supplied metal eyewear cups. One pair of each type is supplied with the unit.

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Coupling Gel

A clear, water-based ultrasound gel is used for optical coupling. The gel is available in 0.5 liter bottles.

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Our one-of-a-kind calibration card ensures that each replacement lamp is fully optimized for each treatment use. By automatically adjusting the lamp output with each use, you can rest assured that your last treatment with the same lamp will be just as effective as the first.

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Consumable Kit

The consumable kit consists of one lamp,
filters, and the CalCard.

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